Finding The Balance - Weather, Snow Conditions and Budget!

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Every snow holiday maker wants two things, bucket loads of fresh snow and bluebird skies – oh and one more thing, the best price!

For first timers, and even seasoned snow bunnies, the myriad of seasons and pricing structures, shoulder seasons and sales can become quite overwhelming, which is where the advice of local experts  becomes invaluable. In the simplest terms, the more snow there is likely to be, the higher the cost of accommodation – peak season. 

In Australia, peak season runs from July-August with the highest snow depths usually recorded in late August, early September. For the frugal snow lover, this indicates that a holiday in early September has the potential to offer great snow conditions, value accommodation rates and sunnier skies. If you are a powder enthusiast and fresh turns rule over cost, any time in August will be the best shot at resort wide turns.


Slightly lower accommodation prices are often available during the last week of August. First timers, who just want to experience our alpine environment, see snow and have a lesson or two on our beginner slopes can enjoy budget holidays in low season during June and the end of September, early October. 


Mother nature is a fickle friend and although we can work on averages, weather patterns and predictions, we never know just what she has in store for us, so book your holiday for the time that suits your budget and holiday dates and you just never know, it might just be the best snow day of the season!