Chicks with Stix a Hit

| Hotham Marketing Team
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Chicks with Stix a Hit


Skier Cross athlete and two time Olympian Katya Crema teamed up with girls from Chicks with Stix for the Mt Hotham Throwdown on the Sunday, an initiative to get young girls involved with skiing and snowboarding and encouraging them to push through to the next level.


“I love going out skiing with young girls that absolutely love the sport, I get a lot back from their improvement”, says Katya Crema, Ski Cross Olympian and ambassador for Chicks with Stix.


The event started with a quick jog around the snow gums, star jumps and lunges with Crema, getting the girls warmed up and ready to throw down tricks the Basin Terrain Park despite the fog.


“We want everyone to ride to their ability level, but if you’re keen to try out new tricks, our coaches are here to guide you”, says free-ride skier Zoe Jaboor.


Chicks with Stix started in 2010 by Zoe Jaboor, a mogul skier turned free-rider, to influence girls in the Australian snow industry. The free event offers girls a chance to improve their skills on snow with Australia’s top athletes.


The event featured top coaches like Olympian Katya Crema along with familiar faces like Hotham local Hannah Studd and Merrin Jokic.


Wennie Tan, snowboarder and Physiotherapist from Melbourne, says the event was fun and well organised, and admitted to feeling a little star struck by the coaches. “I probably would sign up to co-ed comps but the vibe here is different. It’s a less intimating and more encouraging environment and it’s easier to perform without the pressure.”


The participants had an hour to get familiar with the course set up, before being judged on different components like difficulty, amplitude, and variety of the tricks.


“The resort has been really supportive with providing a venue for girls to get together and advertising these events to promote more females in the industry”, says Crema. “I’m one of a small handful of female skiers who have taken skiing to a professional level and when Zoe Jaboor got in touch about her plans, I was really pumped to get involved.”


The Chicks with Stix is not only for future athletes but also about enjoying time on snow.


“The more girls that get involved from a junior development level, the more opportunity we will have for females representing Australia at the Olympics. We actually had more females than males represented at the Sochi Olympics for the very first time which is really encouraging.” 


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